The Portuguese Government welcomes the news of the election of Mr. António Vitorino for the position of Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The election took place today, 29 June 2018, in Geneva, at a Special Session of the IOM Council.

The candidacy of António Vitorino to this important international position is exemplary of the high relevance attributed by Portugal to this subject, to the need for dialogue and to the urgent need to find effective solutions for migratory issues within an international framework. The election of Mr. Vitorino is a just acknowledgement of the undisputed merit and personal capacities of this outstanding citizen and of his remarkable professional career, over the length of which issues and processes related to migration have been ever present.

The Portuguese Government is sure that António Vitorino is the right person to lead the International Organization for Migration at this difficult time, and that his leadership will promote the values of peace and security, tolerance and respect for Human Rights and sustainable development that are the touchstones of Portuguese foreign policy.

With this election, Mr. Vitorino will be called upon to perform his new duties within a multilateral system of governance in a fundamental position in the field of migration, and in a particularly demanding context, given the global challenges setting the international agenda. The International Organization for Migration is at a crucial junction in its history, and will be called upon to provide decisive support to the implementation of the Global Compact on Migration, the adoption of which will occur later this year.

The Portuguese Government extends its compliments to the two other candidates in the running, Laura Thompson of Costa Rica and Ken Isaacs of the United States of America, whose commitment and constructive positions throughout the last few months have dignified the multilateral system and strengthened the ongoing global debate on migration.


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